Flor Garduño

Zeugen der Zeit

Zeugen Der Zeit

Product details: Hardcover

Publisher: Edition Braus, 1992 - Helvetas Verlag, 1992

Language: German

ISBN-10: 3894660279

ISBN-13: 9783894660277

Product dimensions: 30x30 cm

Zeugen der Zeit

Witnesses of Time collects Flor Garduño's remarkable pictures where the sacred and symbolic are revealed in daily life. In remote corners of Central and South America, native Indians continue to practice ancient rituals as they have for millennia. Their rites embody a distinct worldview and a unique perception of time. The result of travels through ritual towns in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, Witnesses of Time encompasses landscape, architecture, ceremonies, tableaux and individual portraits. Figures in Garduño's evocative images become clues to the spirituality of the Indian cosmos. Landforms hint at other as unseen orders of being. Common acts take on an extra dimension through their ritual associations, in communities that still retain their ties to the environment. Complemented by an introduction by the renowned Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes, Witnesses of Time is a tribute to a fascinating way of life, portrayed with an unparalleled grace.