Flor Garduño

The Sonnets of Shakespeare

Flor Garduño's sonnets of Shakespeare

Product details: Clamshell case, book, 10 Signed Original Hand Printed Platinum Prints and 1 Signed Free-standing Platinum Print

Publisher: 21st Editions, 2006, Signed Limited Edition of 65

Language: English

Product dimensions: 15 3/4 x 15 3/4 inches

The Sonnets of Shakespeare

Photography by Flor Garduno, Sonnets by William Shakespeare.

In 2006, fine press photography book publisher 21st Editions released The Sonnets of Shakespeare. Limited to 65 copies worldwide, the hand-bound collection contains 11 original platinum prints (ten bound and one free-standing platinum print entitled, “El Mundo, Suiza” that is suitable for framing). Each print is initialed by Flor Guarduno with the free standing photograph signed in full on the rectro.

From the introduction by John Wood, “Flor Garduño is most well-known for her intense, deeply moving images from Latin America and her elegant but erotic nudes. The most distinctive quality of her work is its genuine freshness. It is the mark of a great artist to be able to look at what we all know and have seen yet give us something new, something we have never seen before. To be able to do it with the nude and with native peoples, two of the most overworked and, therefore, most difficult subjects in photography, demonstrates not only genius but an inventiveness seldom encountered. Most photographers do not see through their own eyes but create work that looks like the work of other photographers. They may possess considerable technique and craft, but what is missing is a distinct style, a singular voice, an original vision. Seeing with one’s own eyes is one of the most difficult tasks for any artist but especially the photographic artist because every photographer’s head is filled with tens of thousands of photographs she or he has seen. The question is how one can see afresh in the midst of so much visual clutter—wonderful clutter, of course—Le Gray, Le Secq, Watkins, O’Sullivan, Coburn, Kühn, Weston, Sudek, Hosoe, Witkin, and on and on—but clutter none-the-less. There is, of course, no easy way to discover or shape an original Vision. That is the gift no teacher can give.”


Handcrafted in New England.