Flor Garduño

Nature Silenziose / Silent Natures

Product details: Hardcover, 62 photos, 144 pages

Publisher: Capelli, 2005

Language: Italian/English

ISBN-10: 8887469448

ISBN-13: 9788887469448

Nature Silenziose / Silent Natures

The Autumn 2005 exhibition Silent Natures by Flor Garduño is dedicated to art photography: an exhibition by mexican photographer Flor Garduño, woman and artist of international fame who, as some may know, has lived for many years in Ticino, bringing her own cultural experience and true latin roots.

This book offers thirty-two large format photographs, many of which are on display for the first time, and which as a whole highlight the more recent studies in her artistic career. This is a poetic and tormented photographic language deriving essentially from the interiorisation of pain and from the loss of roots and identity not only in Latin American countries, but in general in modern man.