Flor Garduño


Mummenschanz 1972-1997 cover

Product details: Hardcover, 80 photos, 120 pages

Publisher: Tobler Verlag AG, 1997

Language: English, French, German

ISBN-10: 3-907506-95-0

Product dimensions: 9.5 x 11 in (24 x 28 cm)


MUMMENSCHANZ 1972 - 1997 special edition

For David Copperfield, MUMMENSCHANZ is simply "truly magical", for Dario Fo, their art is "not just creative, it is a creation". The group became popular with its play with scurrile masks and forms, with lights and shadows and with their subtle choreography. There is not one spoken word; nevertheless, a thousand stories are told... MUMMENSCHANZ ON BROADWAY 1979 led to their break through at Broadway. They played for three years on Broadway, which was neither before nor after them ever achieved by another theatre group performing silent theatre, without lyrics or music. Now the world was theirs. MUMMENSCHANZ emerged to a new terminology, yet a synonym for a new style in the art of theatre. A beautiful book with texts of the French writer and teacher of theatre Guyette Lyr and with fantastic photos of Flor Garduño who is rated among the best black-white photographers in the world.